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I’m Christy. I write and teach on how to become ungovernable.

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Hi, I’m Christy, and I’m psyched you’re here.

Ready to be free?

I’m Christy: activist, educator, writer, mama, coffee lover, world traveler, and cat lady extraordinaire.

I write about activism, ecology, mental health, parenting, queerness, sobriety, and more.

I believe in really hot baths, unlimited cat snuggles, and collective liberation.

To me, self-care looks like setting great boundaries, trusting my intuition, and resourcing myself fully.

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I’ll show you how to be ungovernable.

You might be into what I do If you’re a people-pleaser, a rebel, an over-worker, a highly-sensitive person, a non-stop caretaker, or a creative person who wants to break some rules. 

No more denying your brilliant expertise. No more dimming your unique impact. (Nothing surface-level. Ever.)

My real goal? For all beings everywhere to be free.

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The Podcast Archive

Tending Your Life

—a podcast from Christy Tending

On indefinite hiatus, the Tending Your Life podcast lives at the intersection of our political and spiritual lives and is helping listeners redefine self-care and make a deeper impact.

Tune in for: leadership, self-care, creativity, sustainability, sobriety, mental health, social justice, mindfulness, parenting—and so much more.

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