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Sustainable, anti-capitalist self-care
in service of collective liberation.

let’s dive in

Hi, I’m Christy!

Ready to be free?

You’re a people-pleaser, a rebel, an over-worker, a non-stop caregiver…

And you’re ready for sustainable, empowering self-care that actually works.

What we do here:
We craft root solutions for the root causes.

No more slapping a band-aid (or bubble bath) on your overwhelm and calling it done.

My real goal? For you learn to not just care for yourself, but advocate for yourself. (And to have an experience of just how precious you are along the way.)

I’ll teach you how.

I’m Christy: activist, educator, writer, podcaster, mama.

Survivor of burnout.

I teach rebels, people-pleasers, and highly-sensitive people how to stand in their power and create meaningful self-care.

I believe in really hot baths, unlimited cat snuggles, and collective liberation.

To me, self-care looks like setting great boundaries, trusting my intuition, and resourcing myself deeply so that I can show up fully.

Learn more about Christy

Take the Un-Burnout Un-Challenge
a free, 3-day mini course to get grounded, build trust with yourself, and create more time for what heals you.

The Podcast

Tending Your Life

—a podcast from Christy Tending

More than your average “self-care podcast,” Tending Your Life is a fluff-free exploration of what it means to tend to our real lives: the spiritual, the political, the messy, the sacred.

We take a systems approach here and get to the root of why you need self-care. Tending Your Life is designed to evolve our legacies, individually and collectively, as we work toward this wish:

May we be free.

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Get Started with the Self-Advocacy Manifesto!

(It’s free!)

I know it’s easy
to take up a cause or serve others.

Learning to advocate for yourself is the advanced work.

Get started:

Let’s Dive in

Join Care in Action
a free course to transform
your deep caring
into meaningful action.

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