We are living in a wilderness.

Out here, in this political climate, times are tough.

Maybe you feel alone. You yearn to be heard and understood. Maybe you feel like you’re fighting for survival. Maybe you’re simply fighting for a good night’s sleep (just me?). No matter how you slice it, your stale approach to self-care isn’t working anymore.

Because all the bubble baths in the world can’t wash away what’s internally misaligned.

  • If what you really want — and how you really want to spend your time — keeps getting scuttled off your to do list….
  • If you are crumbling inside a prison of expectations that looks great from the outside (but feels terrible)…
  • If you avoid the big steps you know you need to take, in exchange for short-term comfort…
  • If the self-care practices that used to light you up feel like empty gestures…
  • If your passport, running shoes, meditation cushion, good wine glasses, National Parks pass, and/or massage therapist’s phone number are gathering dust…


This is for you.

Audre Lorde once said that self-care is an act of political warfare. I dare us to make our healing radical again; that is, it needs to the root of the issue. It’s time to take courageous action on your own behalf.

Most of all, stop waiting.

  • Ask for what you really need in your relationships.
  • Tackle those bills, dentist appointments, phone calls and/or awkward conversations you’ve been avoiding.
  • Say what you really think: at work, on social media, in your creative work.
  • Offer yourself honest-to-god kindness and nourishment rather than punitive words or actions that reinforce your lack.

With this potent, three-week course, you’ll learn to:

  • Use declarative sentences to elegantly state your needs, desires, and boundaries, without apology.
  • Know in your bones what feels good and rightful, so you can do more of that.
  • Create internal alignment that reflects your awesome values and value.
  • Dress yourself in your grown-up pants so you can take meaningful action (even toward those things you’ve secretly been avoiding).
  • Resource yourself so that you chase what you want with fervor.
  • Stand in your power and self-knowledge even when you’re unsure, even when things are unclear, and even when life is being a total bear.


After working with thousands of change-makers (as a facilitator, trainer, healer, and self-care mentor) over the last fifteen years, I know that self-care is essential to showing up wholeheartedly.

What I also know is that for many, it’s still a struggle to make it happen. Even for the fiercest activists and most powerful healers, there’s still a gap between how they show up for their work and how they show up for themselves.

There are limits to self-care. Beyond those limits… is The Art of Self-Advocacy.

Why me? First of all, I’m a riot.

I’m Christy Tending. I created this site, and I’ve spent the last eighteen years shaking systems to their core and trying to build a more compassionate world.

The Art of Self-Advocacy was forged in the embers of my life practice.

I know firsthand how critical it is that we nurture ourselves well if we want to change the world for the better.

My passion for fighting injustice came naturally to me. Give me a cause, and I’ll happily chain myself to a tree for it. But in my twenties, it nearly consumed me: health, sense of self, and all.

Becoming a climate justice and human rights activist? Piece of cake.

Learning to advocate for myself? That was much more difficult.

What I know now is that all the self-care in the world won’t solve what’s internally misaligned. There are limits to what we can accomplish in our lives, our work, and our healing if we can’t take a stand for ourselves.


The Art of Self-Advocacy is designed to help you:

  • Cultivate fierce compassion for yourself.
  • Courageously pursue a life that feels purposeful and sacred.
  • Push past the internal narratives and barriers that have kept you small and suffering.
  • Put language to your needs and longings (so you can get them met).
  • Step into your new role as your own best confidant, accomplice and advocate.

(Fair warning: you’re going to laugh a lot along the way. We do both hilarity and devotion here.)

What people are saying:

“I wanted to let you know this work informed how I approached [a difficult] week. I feel it was so meaningful to have this in my hands over the past few days. I wanted to be able to speak on what was going on [in the world] in the past few days and be educated. I referred back to your work to stay sane. Self-advocacy echoed in my head all week. I love you and love this work. Thank you.” —Louise Warren, Life Coach & Singer/Songwriter, www.RareGem.org

“Fantastic! My tummy was all a jitter reading these words. Something was awakening in me. Profoundly scary shit whilst being so relevant and brutal in its truth. Impossible to ignore and impossible to now live without.”
—Colleen Donaldson, South Africa

“Once I completed this first module, I noticed it’s a pretty hard hitting, eye-opening, life changing exercise that gets straight to the point. I love your delivery…it’s so effective yet gentle at the same time. All of this work is changing my whole existence. This work has given me the ability to go so much deeper and it’s what is making this lasting change.”
Susan Clements, Kula, Hawaii