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Empowered, liberated self-care for those who dare to make a difference.

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Mama Bear.

Ahoy! I'm Christy!

I’m an activist, teacher and writer living in Northern California (on unceded Ohlone territory). I'm a self-care mentor, which means that I teach rebels, healers, and creatives how to stand in their power and take action toward meaningful self-care.

I believe in scorching hot baths, unlimited cat snuggles, direct action, mutual aid, and the kind of devotion that creates liberation.

Above all, I'm committed to integrity, studentship, and collective liberation.

My goal when we work together?

You walk away with a direct experience of your own preciousness—and ready to take meaningful action. Imagine a wise, hilarious big sister with 20 years of meditation practice under her belt—and real activist cred.

I want you to stop tearing yourself down and start honoring yourself as the radiant being you truly are.

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The Podcast

Join me for Tending Your Life

—a podcast from Christy Tending

In this podcast, we’ll explore the spiritual and political practice of being human. Which means? Bring your whole self to the table so we can build a more compassionate world for all of us.

People say: “Just in time! Feeling isolated on the journey? Christy speaks to what we all yearn for – making sense, direction, connection, and sustenance as you make your life your message and create your legacy one small step at a time.”

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self-care, inspiration, and behind the scenes (read: so many cat photos!)

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