Healing arts and self care for caregivers and change-makers

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  • Christy Tending
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    New here? Want to get started with a gorgeous self-care practice?

    If you want to get close to your own heart, break free from burnout, and get inspired to make self-care real… This is the place. Today is the day.

    I believe you can set the foundation for self-care and claim your place as your own best healer – so you can change the world. I’ve got you covered.

    Gather up all the inspiration you’ll need to begin right here >>

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  • Christy Tending
    Newly Updated!

    Real Self-Care

    Real Self-Care is an inspiration guide of messy, delightful self-care possibilities – for your actual life. It began as an e-book, with 30 days of self-care practices (plus journaling pages for reflection). It has now been expanded and updated to take your self-care to the next level.

    Real Self-Care now includes a mini-book with *more* self-care ideas, plus a video training and workbook so you can enjoy easeful self-care activities every day of the year.

    Buy the book!

  • Christy Tending
    Praise for Christy’s work:

    “The word that comes to mind when I think about Christy is sacred. Her vision for self-care is contagious. The way she holds space for you is precious. Spending time with her is undoubtedly transformation.”  Ashley Beaudin, Leadership Mentor + Heart Encourager, fireandwindco.com

  • “I always feel like you are completely devoted to instilling love and compassion. I have caught myself slowing down after reading some of your emails, and want to thank you for all you create and all that you do!”  Monique Muro, Spiritual Self-Love Blogger, returntolove.co