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Breathing Can Heal You

August 22

  • Christy Tending
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    Want to begin your self-care practice?

    Get close to your own heart, break free from burnout, and get inspired to make self-care real. This is the place. Set the foundation for self-care and claim your place as your own best healer – so you can change the world. I’ve got you covered.

    Gather up all the inspiration you’ll need to begin right here:

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  • Christy Tending
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    Hella Metta

    A sweet, digital meditation e-course to cultivate fierce lovingkindness and a meditation practice that feels goodHella Metta grants you access to greater compassion for everyone around you, including yourself.

    Hella Metta contains 20 audio meditations and a robust workbook to guide you.

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  • Christy Tending
    Students say…

    “I started Hella Metta when I was visiting a sick family member, and the course was helpful in helping me remember and actively practice loving feelings, making my visit a really positive and loving experience. I felt that the delight I took in this daily receiving was a self-care act in itself.”

    — Emily Van Engel, artist, www.emilyvanengel.com