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Your Magical Intuition

Announcing my newest course:
Your Magical Intuition

There are many ways to know: in our hearts, our guts, in our minds, on an energetic level. There is more than one way to be sure.

I believe in the intuition as a source of wisdom, of magic.

When I was little, I could look at someone and tell exactly where they hurt. When I was in high school, I could tell when the animals in my life were happy, sad, or scared. Now when I make decisions, I breathe each option into my body, to see how it feels.

When students come to me, they are share a belief in the value of self-care and a longing for healing. But they also share a common struggle: knowing what to do next.

I am so excited to announce my newest course: Your Magical Intuition.

Learning to be in sincere, respectful relationship with your intuition is one of the most spectacular gifts you can give yourself. By cultivating this relationship, you tap into all of your innate wisdom, beauty, and power.

You simply need to learn how to hear, hone, and trust that wisdom. That’s what Your Magical Intuition teaches.

Inside the course, you’ll:

  • Explore each of the 4 layers of your intuition.
  • Experiment with body-based and mindfulness practices to cultivate your intuition on each layer.
  • Build confidence in your intuition, through experimentation and daily-life practice.
  • Create a support system to nurture your intuition and create a regular dialogue with it.
  • Infuse your self-care with your newfound intuition to amplify healing, empathy, and trust in yourself.

You’ll receive:

  • Audio meditations to cultivate the experience of intuition
  • Short essay’s on the day’s theme
  • Workbooks + journaling prompts

Want to dive in? You can join the course right here.

Over this past summer, I turned deeply inward in caring for the new member of my family. Those days stretched out seemingly forever, and invited me to a new-found friendship with my intuition.

It was as though I’d been on autopilot for so long, trying to “know” everything. Instead, I had to feel my way. The only way was to following that intuitive guide inside me.

What I want you to know is that you are wise beyond measure and that magic is at your fingertips.

I believe that this is part of what justice looks like: to reclaim our sovereignty from those who aim to make us small or diminish our wisdom. This is a return to feminine wisdom (though this course is open to people of all genders), and to anti-authoritarian knowing. I invite you to step into this intuitive power.

This is the season for examining all of our layers, for pulling back the veil, and exploring the unseen.

​​>> Get all the details and join Your Magical Intuition now! <<

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