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Word of the Year—2020

As we’re entering a new decade, choosing a word of the year feels extra significant. You can read about my past words of the year here, here, here, here, and here.

My Process

The Finalists

I had five finalists this year for my word. After a year that’s felt draining (often in not the right ways) and knowing that I have a lot of healing ahead of me in 2020, I wanted something that felt light. Unabashedly wonderful. (Perhaps relentless was a little too intense?)

First, I brainstormed everything that I wanted the year ahead to be. And everything that’s felt meaningful from this past year.

I combed through favorite books, looked at the writings of colleagues who inspire me. I spent time thinking about the feelings that I’m chasing, the world I’m creating, and the way I want to embody my various roles.

I did a lot of meditation. Deliberation. I gave careful thought to what I want 2020 to hold for me. What I want it to feel like from the inside. And, for the first time ever, I could have happily adopted any of these words. (In fact, I’ll likely keep this list in its entirety tucked away so I can check in on each one.)

The finalists are: ease, joy, liberation, love, and wonder.

Choosing the Word

Once I had my finalists, I had one big job left to do. I had to actually pick the word.

So again, I sat. I used each of these words as a mantra, as part of a lovingkindness meditation for myself. It sounded like this in my head:

May you be filled with ease.
May you be filled with wonder.
May you be filled with joy.
May you be filled with love.
May you know liberation.

Simply repeating these words to myself—for myself—brought me to tears. But there was one phrase that kept calling me back. I kept looking forward to hearing that one in the cycle of repeated phrases.

My Word for 2020

This year, my word of the year is: WONDER.

I can’t tell you how excited I am. This word to me brings forth everything that I want to feel.

I want to spend 2020 cherishing and being cherished. I want to be with my family, I want to be in my creative/generative zone of genius. I want to serve. I want to stand back and marvel at everything that I’ve created in and with and for my life.

I want to know myself as a beloved member of the family of the universe. I want to sit in the sun and snuggle my cats and rest deeply and create bravely. I want to look back and forward from a place of astonishment.

To me, choosing this word means choosing:


As in: I wonder what will happen if I try this new idea.


As in: I stand in wonder of all of the incredible gifts in my life.

Slow Living

As in: I can’t be in wonder if I’m rushing or pushing my own agenda all the time.


As in: It’s hard to know wonder when you’re in your comfort zone all the time.


As in: Appreciate what you’ve got instead of needing more all the time.

Letting Go

As in: Those moments of wonder don’t happen because we’re in control. (In fact, quite the opposite.)

Full-Tilt Living

As in: Stop saving that fancy candle/dress/chocolate for a rainy day. Stop holding yourself back from that big idea. Stop reining in your joy, your love, your liberation, yourself.


As in: I have enough. I am enough. And life itself is a fucking miracle as it is. I can simply rest in wonder right now.


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