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3 Days to Less Burnout: an un-challenge

If you’re here, I’m betting that, at some point, you’ve experienced burnout.

If you have (or if you’re still in it, there are a few things I want you to know.

# 1: It’s not your fault

Because we live under capitalism (an inherently inequitable system based on endless growth), it can feel like our burnout make us weak—that there’s something wrong with us. In fact, our burnout is just a sign that human beings weren’t meant to live this way.

You didn’t “do this” to yourself. Your socialization, internalized beliefs, and years of accumulated habits led you here.

Your burnout is not a sign of your failure; it is a sign of your humanity. That’s actually good news. (Even if burnout does not feel like good news!)

It also means that you have finally reached your tolerance threshold for a system and a way of being that strips us of our humanity. You are responding in a very human way. That’s not your fault; it’s how you were built.

# 2: You can transform it

Burnout is not a static state. You got into it, and that means you can get out of it. Because this system, these habits and our ingrained beliefs were things we inherited against our will, it can feel as though they have always been—and therefore will always be—part of us.

That’s the part we get to rewrite in order to get out of burnout.

It can feel like we’re working against muscle memory, because, in part, we are. It also means that each time we choose differently, we are actually creating new neural pathways. We are building and re-building trust with ourselves.

And ultimately, we can rewire ourselves out of burnout—and best of all:

# 3: You can prevent it

Once you’ve gotten yourself out of burnout once, you may be disappointed to find yourself there again. Repeat burnout is not uncommon.

BUT: we can ultimately prevent our burnout. With a combination of simple mindfulness; sweet encouragement; and self-discovery practices, we can start to see our burnout patterns clearly.

Once we do that, we can decide what we want instead—and then start clearing things off our plates. And that’s what we do inside The Un-Burnout Un-Challenge: a simple but highly effective 3-day methodology for unwinding ourselves from the tangled web of burnout.

Join the (free!) Un-Burnout Un-Challenge here!

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