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It's time to break the cycle.

The Un-Burnout Un-Challenge is a free 3-day mini course to help you heal your burnout, overwhelm, and people-pleasing tendencies.

Inside, I'll show you how to start interrupting the patterns, habits, and beliefs that keep us stuck in endless burnout.

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    Christy Tending

    Activist. Educator. Writer.
    Self-Care Mentor.

    Who am I?

    Christy Tending is an activist, educator, writer, and self-care mentor. As an activist for more than 20 years, she now serves thousands of students worldwide create sustainable self-care.

    Christy offers strategies to start advocating for yourself from a place of power and to address the root causes of why we need self-care in the first place.

    For 3 days,
    you get:

    • video pep-talks from Christy.
    • email support & encouragement as you un-burnout yourself.
    • a pdf workbook with thoughtful journaling questions.

      (The commitment: the "un-challenge" takes 10 minutes—max!—each day. So no big commitment or extra stress here!)