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The Difference Between Self-Care and Self-Advocacy

In celebration of my newest manifesto, I wanted to take the time to chat a bit about the difference between self-care and self-advocacy. I haven’t at all given up on the idea of self-care – in fact, to the contrary!

My aim is to elevate self-care: to make it more effective, more dangerous, and more vibrant. But in order to do that, I need to acknowledge the limits of self-care and talk about self-advocacy a bit.

Self-Advocacy isn’t the opposite of self-care; it’s where self-care leaves off.

It is like self-care’s sassy big sister – finishing her sentences and taking risks that self-care wouldn’t take.

Sound fun?

Let’s dive in and chat about the key differences between self-care and self-advocacy.

What it looks like

Self-Care: Occasionally treating yourself to things, foods, or activities that feel good — especially after completing a big project.

Self-Advocacy: Intentionally and regularly curating your life to incorporate practices that make you feel whole and empowered.

What it sounds like

Self-Care: “I care.”

Self-Advocacy: “May that caring create change, healing and well-being.”

What it feels like

Self-Care: A much needed break — a salve to put on top of what feels painful in daily life.

Self-Advocacy: A full well of resources that come from within that allows you to meet whatever comes.

What it is

Self-Care: Compassionate presence with yourself in any moment.

Self-Advocacy: Embodied, devoted advocacy for your own freedom and well-being.

What it does

Self-Care: Offers us the healing and recovery we need, so we can dive back into what matters.

Self-Advocacy: Creates a way of living that feels internally aligned, so we can stay present with what matters.

Problem vs. Solution

We know we need self-care. The problem is how to make it happen.

Self-Advocacy gives us the tools to take the same fierce action for ourselves that we do for others, so we can live lives that feel sacred.

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