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The Art of Self-Advocacy: an interview with Jenn Lee of Artizen Coaching

When my coach, Jenn Lee of Artizen Coaching, invited me to participate in an interview with her, my answer was a resounding hell yes!

Jenn is such a gifted coach and has such a fabulous community of creatives, artists, coaches, and healers around her. Just the sorts of folks who could use a little more self-advocacy. And after giving her a sneak peek into the program, she figured The Art of Self-Advocacy might be just the sort of thing that her peeps might need.

In this conversation, we talk about boundaries (the kind we need and the kind we don’t); my willingness to be imperfect; and why I know that self-advocacy is what’s been missing (and what’s next!) in the realm of self-care.

Enjoy our juicy conversation below.

And if this sparked something for you and you want to join in the Fall 2018 round of The Art of Self-Advocacy, you can hop in right here!



Thanks so much, Jenn, for this wonderful conversation! I had a blast chatting.

With care,

P.S.: Looking for my free Self-Advocacy Manifesto? Get it right here!

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