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Sustainable Skincare Favorites: all-natural self-care

Sustainable skincare is really important to me. If I’m putting it on my body, I want to make sure that it’s safe. But I’m also a busy working mom, so it needs to be effective, too. Here are all my favorite things. I’ve tested all of this myself, with my own money first, so you’re getting my honest opinion.

Sustainable skincare is also about more than just what’s in it. I’ve made a conscious effort over the last few years to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that’s involved in my self-care routine.

There’s a myth that all-natural, sustainable skincare and haircare isn’t as effective as the toxic, mainstream stuff. I’ve actually found the opposite. By choosing carefully crafted, ethically produced products, my skin is happier and glow-ier than ever.

(Oh, and I’ve also included my haircare loves here, too, as well as what I use for my kiddo.)

Without further ado, my sustainable skincare favorites:

Sustainable Face

In the Bath

I take a hot bath every single night. I tend to alternate between plain epsom salts and some of the more fun treats you’ll find here.

All-Natural Body Treats

My No-Plastic Hair Routine

Changing from bottle shampoo to Lush’s shampoo bars has been amazing. No plastic. Awesome hair. I’m never going back. Plus, it’s already packed up for leakproof travel.

Sustainable Makeup I Love

For Kiddo

For my full list of self-care favorites and tons of other resources, visit my resources page!

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