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What’s your purpose?

Maybe it’s your kids; social justice causes; your work helping others; your community; your creative endeavors; your spiritual practice; or maybe it’s crafting a sweet and gentle life that feels good and does some good along the way. That impact? It’s our fingerprint.

For me? I shift the things that need shifting. My purpose is truth and freedom. That’s what gets me out of bed (well, that and a kid who doesn’t sleep past 7am!).

My courses synthesize 20 years of activist practice, facilitation experience, and Buddhist meditation study—plus a degree in poetry no one thought I would use!—to create learning that is supportive and empowering, so that you can craft a life that is more sustainable, impactful, grounded, and fun.

Because we all deserve to be free.

Free Study Options to Begin Your Journey

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The Art of Self-Advocacy

A digital course to help you break the endless cycle of burnout, overwhelm + people-pleasing and become a devoted accomplice in your own liberation.

This is for you if: You are ready to do great work in the world without sacrificing yourself and your well-being. You want to learn how to advocate for yourself as well as you advocate for all of the people and causes in your life.


Read the E-Book + Practice Journal

Tending Your Life

Create and nourish your self-care like a garden with this sweet, creative, robust e-book (part guide, part journal) and audiobook and start creating your self-care practice.

This is for you if: You want to create self-care from the ground up, or if you’re looking to spice up your stagnant self-care.

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Past students say:

“As someone who’s been focused on finding her way through complicated grief for a while now, I can tell you how deeply grateful I am to have found Christy’s work.

Her voice is so warm, gentle, and real; like a good friend or sister who’s unafraid to reach a person in the dark waters and guide them to shore. Or, more precisely, suggest solid ways for that person to (re)discover the resilience and refuge within themselves.”

Dawn Little