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If you are:

— struggling to tell the difference between your intuition + fear…
— frustrated with feeling like you’re always doubting yourself…
— longing for clarity when it comes to what your intuition is really telling you…

This free, in-depth training is designed to help you choose your intuition over your fear—in any moment.

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“The word that comes to mind when I think about Christy is sacred. Her vision for self-care is contagious. The way she holds space for you is precious. Spending time with her is undoubtedly transformation.”

Ashley Beaudin, Canada

Free Study Options to Begin Your Journey

All the Courses

E-Book + Practice Journal

Tending Your Life

Create and nourish your self-care like a garden with this sweet, creative, robust e-book (part guide, part journal) and audiobook and start creating your self-care practice.

This is for you if: You want to create self-care from the ground up, or if you’re looking to spice up your stagnant self-care.

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Audio Meditation Course

Your Magical Intuition

A self-paced meditation course to stop doubting yourself—so that you can hear, hone and trust your wise + powerful inner voice.

This is for you if: You know you’ve got an intuition, but aren’t sure how to access it reliably. This course will give you the tools to get cozy and intimate with your interior knowing, while weeding out the fear and fraud-y feelings that get in your way.


Signature Course

The Art of Self-Advocacy

A digital course to help you break the endless cycle of burnout, overwhelm + people-pleasing
and become a devoted accomplice in your own liberation.

This is for you if: You are ready to do great work in the world without sacrificing yourself and your well-being. You want to learn how to advocate for yourself as well as you advocate for all of the people and causes in your life.


Past students say:

“As someone who’s been focused on finding her way through complicated grief for a while now, I can tell you how deeply grateful I am to have found Christy’s work.

Her voice is so warm, gentle, and real; like a good friend or sister who’s unafraid to reach a person in the dark waters and guide them to shore. Or, more precisely, suggest solid ways for that person to (re)discover the resilience and refuge within themselves.”

Dawn Little

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I know it’s easy
to take up a cause or serve others.

Learning to advocate for yourself is the advanced work.

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Join Care in Action
a free course to transform
your deep caring
into meaningful action.

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