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Real Self-Care: Edit Your Schedule

This post is part of a month-long series on Real Self-Care for world-changers. It’s about the experimentation: figuring out what works for you and following your heart. Simple, messy and everything in between. Self-care should be custom, intuitive, feasible and kind – to serve your actual life.

Edit Your Schedule

I talk about this rather bluntly in this post here, but I truly believe that self-care starts in our date book. If you’re finding it hard to create space in your life for the self-care you need, or wish you had, my best advice is to start with your schedule. This means saying no.

This means taking an honest look at what feels like a “should” versus a need or want. This means evaluating where you’re not getting some benefit. Obviously, kids and pets and other instances where another being is relying on you for survival are non-negotiables.

But in the cases where someone isn’t counting on you for sustenance, it may be time to make some changes. It comes down to this:

How do you want to feel?

I feel better when my schedule is less hectic, when I have time for myself and my practice. I can tell when I’ve done a good job planning, because I have time to make my house tidy, cook nourishing food and hang out with my cats (and other loved ones). Or, if I don’t have that time, then I’m feeling super-inspired by what’s taking me away from those things.

When things are out of balance, I don’t need to do a total overhaul on my life. It takes a few tweaks–a little editing–to get back on track.

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Editing your schedule is better than being ruled by it.

(Read more thoughts on that here.)

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