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Best Podcasts for Self-Care

Podcasts are a fantastic self-care tool. Whether you use them for education, unwinding, entertainment… Maybe you listen to them for inspiration or encouragement. Or maybe you listen to them to hear stories or conversation.

Here, I’ve gathered my 7 favorite self-care podcasts.

  1. Tending Your Life

    This is a classic case of creating the thing I wanted that didn’t exist.

    I couldn’t find a podcast that engaged with spiritual and political practice as two sides of the same coin. I didn’t see a podcast that talked about self-care and collective care as intrinsically linked. And I longed for a podcast that talked about the messy side of doing the work of being human, through a social justice and Buddhist lens.

    So I made one. I hope you love it.

  2. Jumpstart Your Joy

    Paula is my podcast producer, business bff, and the creator of this magical podcast that delves into all things joyful. From interviews with inspiring people, to sharing her own story, Paula has an incredible capacity to find the joy in every moment, even the tough ones.
    You can listen to my episodes here!

  3. Practice You

    Elena Brower has been my teacher for many years. In this elegant podcast, she interviews incredible teachers, vulnerably shares her own stories, and offers true gems from her 20+ years of teaching expertise.

    I particularly love her episodes with Yung Pueblo and Ruth King.

  4. Unlocking Us

    I mean, you knew that Brené Brown was going to create a fully *awesome* podcast, right?!

    This one doesn’t disappoint, and if you’re a super-fan like I am, you’re going to love it. Her “Ask Brené Anything” episode is one of my favorites. She also has phenomenal guests, like Laverne Cox and Austin Channing Brown.

  5. Being Boss

    A podcast for creative entrepreneurs, so there’s tons of business stuff in here. But! Emily & Kathleen are awesome, and fully acknowledge how important self-care is for creative folks and creative entrepreneurs.

  6. Heart Wisdom Podcast

    From one of my greatest teachers, Jack Kornfield, this podcast offers recorded talks from Jack, as well as other renowned teachers. This podcast is perfect if you’re beginning to explore meditation and Buddhism, or are simply looking for a soothing perspective on a stressful area of your life.

    Jack addresses real-life issues, like money, racism, and jealousy with his classical Buddhist approach and his wry sense of humor. I don’t get to see him speak in person very often, and this is an excellent substitute.

  7. Raise Your Hand, Say Yes

    I love Tiffany. I follow her online, have taken her courses, and have listened to her podcast for years. In this podcast, she offers a mix of business, life, and creative advice with her no-bullshit approach

    Her episodes on sobriety are some of my favorites, as well as all her episodes with Erin Cassidy (her behind-the-scenes co-conspirator).


Self-care podcasts can be a nourishing part of our everyday practice.

Want to dive in? Listen to the Tending Your Life Podcast here!


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