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Tending Your Life

A podcast with host Christy Tending

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The podcast that lives at the intersection of our political and spiritual lives and is helping listeners redefine self-care and make a deeper impact.

Tune in for: leadership, self-care, creativity, sustainability, sobriety, mental health, social justice, mindfulness, parenting—and so much more.

People Are Raving

Hi, I'm Christy Tending!

I’m your host, Christy Tending: activist, educator, writer, and mama.

I’m a self-care mentor for rebellious humans, who has been teaching and facilitating workshops since 2006 and teaching online since 2014!

This podcast comes directly from my practice and life, like everything I teach. I’m a truth-teller, anarchist, Buddhist, mama, and pro-league potty mouth. I’m bringing it all to the table.

I can’t wait to share and learn with you. I’m so honored that you’re here.

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How to Be Inconvenient

Loving the podcast and want more? Want to take your self-advocacy a step further? Want to get in touch with your purpose and practice?

Grab your seat for my free video workshop, How to Be Inconvenient. It’s totally free, and contains so many good takeaways! (If I do say so myself!)

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