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Tending Your Life

With Christy Tending

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In this podcast, we’ll explore the spiritual and political practice of being human. Tending Your Life is designed to evolve our legacies, individually and collectively. This is where self-care and devotional service meet—and become friends. Together, we’ll embrace our whole, messy, beautiful selves, as we work toward this wish:
May we all be free.

Episode 40—Self-Knowledge, Self-Care, Self-Advocacy

About the show How do you get to know yourself? Especially when you are finding ourselves in a new phase of life—whether you’re an empty nester or you’re just going…

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Episode 40—Self-Knowledge, Self-Care, Self-Advocacy

Episode 39—Unraveling Urgency

Episode 38—Embracing Pleasure

Episode 37—Imperfection is Awesome

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About Christy

I’m your guide, Christy Tending: an activist, teacher, writer, artist, and mama.

I’m a self-care mentor for rebellious humans, who has been teaching and facilitating workshops for activists and healers since 2006. I’m also a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, dharma student, and energy worker. I live in California with my extraordinary family.

This podcast comes directly from my practice and life, like everything I teach. I’m a truth-teller, anarchist, Buddhist, mama, and pro-league potty mouth. I’m bringing it all to the table.

I can’t wait to share and learn with you. I’m so honored that you’re here.

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