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Media + Speaking


Want me to be your next keynote speaker,
workshop facilitator, or podcast guest?

I would love to create a lush + transformative experience for you and your people.

Some of my favorite things to talk about:

  • Shifting your mindset from caretaker to leader—and stepping into that leadership sustainably.
  • Self-advocacy that interrupts oppressive systems and the beliefs/habits that aren’t serving us.
  • Amplifying our personal power and trusting our intuition in difficult times.
  • Healing burnout and becoming a skilled advocate for yourself (even/especially when it feels inconvenient).
  • Living life rebelliously on purpose and crafting sacred focus in your life so you do more of what feels most meaningful.
  • The power of political imagination to craft a new world while we’re still living in the old one.


I’ve been facilitating workshops for deeply-caring humans of all ages since 2006 (that’s 14 dang years!). Since 2014, I have helped thousands of people of all genders from all over the world create sustainable self-care; taught raved-about workshops both live and online; and keynoted activist conferences.

I have been a direct action organizer and Buddhist meditator for more than 20 years.

I draw on popular education pedagogy, yoga teacher training, and being the mom of an active four-year-old to create a rich tapestry of fun, interactive, and empowering experiences for audiences of all backgrounds.

I’ve been featured on dozens of podcasts, and every week, I host lively, thoughtful, in-depth conversations on my podcast, Tending Your Life.

Get in touch by emailing christy[at]christytending[dot]com.

Bios and Links

The short version:

Christy Tending is an activist, educator, writer and mama. She teaches online courses about sustainable self-care to students all over the world, and hosts the podcast Tending Your Life. She lives on occupied Ohlone territory (Oakland, CA) with her family. You can learn more about her work at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

The long version:

Christy Tending is an activist, educator, and writer. As a self-care mentor, she helps rebels and people-pleasers create sustainable, anti-capitalist self-care in service of collective liberation.

She’s also a mama to two feral cats and one sweet-hearted kiddo. She is passionate about slow everything: food, fashion, life—as some of the antidotes to burnout and capitalism. She lives with her family on occupied Ohlone territory (Oakland, California).

More than anything, she believes that all of us are inherently powerful. And she knows that it’s possible for you to stand in your power, have the life you want, and care for yourself deeply without burnout, overwhelm or shame. As a facilitator and direct action organizer, she is obsessed with the mechanics of change: from the micro to the macro. She is here to help you advocate for yourself as well as you advocate for everyone else.

She alchemizes 20 years of activist and spiritual practice inside her courses, like The Art of Self-Advocacy and Sacred Focus. If you’re feeling burned out, take her free mini-course, The Un-Burnout Un-Challenge. You can also connect with her on Instagram or listen to her podcast, Tending Your Life.

You can learn more about her work at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


Download high-resolution photos of Christy here.

Please credit Molly Kate Photography for all photos.


Media Kit + Writing

A selected list of articles I’ve written is here.

Download my Media Kit here.

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