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Magic and the sacred everyday

When I think about self-care, it’s often through the lens of helping people to slow down, become less overwhelmed. I create the space that allows people to savor their lives. I help people to see their own deep deserving… clearly.

Overwhelm is no way to live.

Overwhelm clouds our vision so that we can no longer see what’s right in front of us. That’s how quickly we’re rushing to the next thing. We can’t even enjoy the pleasure of sleep, because we’re spinning out the next week in our minds.

When we’re overwhelmed, we can’t be present.

This means we miss out on all of the little things that make life worth living. The sensation of the sun on our faces. The taste of our ice cream or tea. The texture of our favorite sweater. The sound of little cat feet against the hardwood floor. The way the light hits the breakfast table.

But if we can slow things down for just a moment… If we can put the tiniest pause between breaths…

We can start to experience that everyday sacred again.

The everyday sacred is the antidote to overwhelm.

When we can remember to notice all of the ordinary yet spectacular things in life that make our heart sing, that can pull us out of the overwhelm. It can remind us that checking social media isn’t a full time job. That we could take an hour to stand in the trees or go to the beach.

In these moments, there is magic.

Not just because being alive is an actual flipping miracle, but because we are reminded how much a part of it we are. We are inextricably connected to our loved ones, to the ice cream, to the sunshine.

We are a tiny, but precious cell in the body of the universe. No less than anything or anyone else.

In those moments of slowing down and savoring and magic, we have flashes of knowing that we are part of everything. This is most true in the tiny moments. These moments may not mean anything to anyone else. But it’s through these moments of immersing ourselves in our own lives that we recognize this truth:

There is sacred in the everyday.

It’s not just for cathedrals or temples or sacred sites. It’s not in the extravagant retreats or the elusive moments out there somewhere when everything will be perfect and settled. It’s right here.

The way the window glass creates the rainbow on that patch of floor. The way the trees outside cast that very particular shadow. The color of the sunset at this time of year.

It’s right here.

If we can slow down enough to see it, we can have this experience whenever we like. We can remember that this everyday sacred is right there in plain sight. It’s not hiding. We don’t even have to do anything in order to experience it. All we have to do is pause long enough for the flash to come to us again.

All we have to do is stay still long enough to see something of ordinary, yet phenomenal, beauty.

It’s all right here.

And when you understand that, you may feel the urge to run around shaking everyone we see and meet and yelling, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” But we don’t. And then we ourselves go back to sleep for a little while, until, once again, we experience that pang of knowing that everything is immaculate and perfect in its own imperfect way right here and now.

Then we stand in awe again of the magic of having a body and consciousness and being completely alive in this moment.

There is no place to be other than right here to experience the everyday sacred, the absolute magic of living.

Where can you put that sacred pause in your day today. Where can you put a beat between sentences or a moment between tasks to drink it all in? That magic in the everyday sacred is waiting for you to wake up and see it.

It wants you to remember.

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