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Your Magical Intuition

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Are you struggling to hear—and trust—your wise inner voice?

Maybe it used to speak to you clearly.
Maybe it’s being drowned out by “shoulds”—and the pressure to follow the crowd.
Or maybe you simply need to practice trusting what it is telling you.
In these times of uncertainty, I want you to know that you can, without a doubt, trust yourself.
If you’ve spent too much energy chasing “looks good on paper”—and too little time fanning the flames of your powerful heart—this is your time.

Do you want to:

  • Create more intuitive flow in your life?
  • Follow your inner guide instead of everyone else’s map?
  • Claim healing that’s intuitive instead of prescriptive?
  • Rely on your own inner wisdom instead of worn-out, false narratives?

Enter Your Magical Intuition

a 10-day self-guided journey to hear, hone, and trust the power of your intuition
This course is grounded in one simple premise: You are already the expert in your own experience—and now is the time to embody your role as a leader in your own life.
How do you do this? I believe the key lies in your unique, truth-telling intuition and inner knowing.
What it is:

Each day, you’ll receive written lessons, audio meditations, journaling prompts and workbooks, along with tons of bonuses like resource guides, checklists, desktop wallpapers and more.

For ten days, I will guide you to a new familiarity and intimacy with your intuition – through body-based practices, meditation, journaling, and other experiential learning.


What it does:

Your Magical Intuition is designed to illuminate your intuitive power — and let it become your trustworthy guide. You’ll come out the other side not only more in tune with that voice, but able to use it to the benefit of yourself and those you want to serve in this life.

The course offers you a new map for experiencing and being in relationship with your intuition. You’ll dissolve self-doubt and put an end to second-guessing yourself. Plus, gain a new way to craft your life, make informed choices, and live in alignment with your values.

If you are you ready to learn how to both hear and trust that quiet, wise voice inside, you’re in the right place.

The flow of the course:

Part 1 | How To Know
  • Explore 4 layers of intuition: body + breath; mind + thoughts; heart + emotions; energy + spirit.
  • Experiment with body-based and mindfulness practices to cultivate your intuition on each layer.
  • Learn my step-by-step method for knowing what is true for you in any moment.
Part 2 | How To Trust
  • Build confidence in your intuition, through experimentation and daily-life practice.
  • Create a support system to nurture your intuition and create a regular dialogue with it.
  • Infuse your self-care with your newfound intuition to amplify healing, empathy, and trust in yourself.


This is now a self-guided course. When you enroll, you’ll begin receiving a lesson each day for 10 days.

What you get:
  • Daily audio meditation downloads
  • Essays on each day’s theme
  • Workbooks and journaling prompts
  • Plus bonuses like desktop wallpapers, audio playlists (on Spotify), resource guides, and other surprises!
  • Plus lifetime access to all of the course materials

Why study with me? First of all, I’m an actual riot.

I’m Christy Tending. I created this site, and I’ve spent the last eighteen years shaking systems to their core and trying to build a more compassionate world.

I know firsthand how critical it is that we nurture ourselves well if we want to change the world for the better.

My passion for fighting injustice came naturally to me. Give me a cause, and I’ll happily chain myself

to a tree for it. But in my twenties, it nearly consumed me: health, sense of self, and all.

Becoming a climate justice and human rights activist? Piece of cake.

Learning to advocate for myself? That was much more difficult.

What I know now is that all the self-care in the world won’t solve what’s internally misaligned. There are limits to what we can accomplish in our lives, our work, and our healing if we can’t take a stand for ourselves.

Investment: $127

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This course is designed especially for people who:
  • Want to make a bigger impact, build their body of work, or take more risks — on their own terms.
  • Are facing a crossroads in their lives — and want to learn to make empowered decisions.
  • Crave a more intimate relationship with their inner voice — and replace narratives that aren’t serving them.


In just ten days, you’ll learn to stand in your power and reclaim the brilliance you’ve had all along.

On the surface, this course is about deepening and sharpening your intuition. But it’s really about learning to trust yourself implicitly. Draw clearer boundaries, make decisions more in alignment with your truth, and offer yourself the healing you need.


If you’ve been handing over your power, following the leader, or going along on the path you think you “should” for too long… This is the course for you.

Investment: $127

Join Your Magical Intuition Now!

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I know it’s easy
to take up a cause or serve others.

Learning to advocate for yourself is the advanced work.

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