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How to Overcome Self Doubt—Saturday Self-Care Check-In

Saturday Self-Care Check-in: How to Overcome Self Doubt

When it comes to developing our practice, whether it’s self-care, self-advocacy, intuition… There are always going to be moments of self-doubt; of fear; of uncertainty. So what do we do when these moments creep in?

Fear might show up as judgment. It might feel like a lack of self-trust. That fear might show up as judgment that we are unworthy or unready.

Why does this happen? Because we’ve been conditioned not to trust ourselves, in some cases, and to look for certainty from experts and knowledge outside ourselves. Without that, we might feel unsteady, fearful, and unsure of whether we’re ready, worthy, or enough. Sometimes this is called imposter syndrome. But it doesn’t have to rule our lives.

In this video, I show you how to overcome self doubt, even if you’re not sure how to get started.

Remember that while fear has its own agenda, but you can choose differently. You can choose to set a different and sovereign agenda that honors your deep inner knowing. How we start? We begin by meeting ourselves with self-compassion in those moments of fear.

Self doubt is natural. It happens to all of us at one point or another. The point is not to stop it, but to witness it with compassion and to allow ourselves to overcome it at our own pace.

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