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Grow Where You’re Planted.

Grow where you're planted. >>

Despite early attempts, I have had a difficult time articulating my own post-election strategy. I’ve been taking good care of myself, tending my heart where I need to. I’ve been connecting with people I respect about what comes next (on a broader level). If nothing else, this time, politically, has been an excellent one in which to refine What Truly Matters to Me.

But what does that look like in real life?

How would I articulate my strategy, personally, for how I’m moving forward?

(I am making the assumption, here, that you, like me, are interested in taking skillful and compassionate action in this time.)

In the days after the election, I noticed, very keenly, my own reactivity.

I’ve been struggling to my out my post-election strategy into words. It’s not “more of the same” or “keep doing what I’m doing.” Not is it (as was the temptation in the days following): “run around and try to put out all the fires with my bare hands.”

I know that I am lucky, on so many levels.

I am blessed by thoughtful community and years of deep practice.

(In addition to the inordinate amount of privilege I enjoy in this lifetime.)

Walking through the green hills of West Marin County last week on my meditation retreat, I was subconsciously mulling all of this over. Wisdom, compassion, skillful action, living into my values.

Sitting and then walking, followed by more sitting.

And finally, a small voice came to me:

“Grow where you are planted.”

This is not about more of the same. But not is it about abandoning the commitments I’ve made, the relationships I hold dear, or the spot where I’ve chosen to rise up in this lifetime. (A space I’ve more or less occupied for 10+ years.)

It’s time for us to grow.

Which is often uncomfortable, uneasy. But we can grow where we have planted ourselves. We can remain steadfast in what we have already chosen, and then dare to go deeper there.

It will not be entirely blissful. But that is what we are being called to do right now. In whatever way speaks to us, it is time for us to grow.

May we all be free.

* This series of mini-blogs is a new experiment. I’ll be sharing more bite-sized blog and personal reflections – not as advice, mentorship or counsel, but on how the themes I cover here are reflected in my own life.

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