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Here are the resources you need to get your self-advocacy off the ground and start connecting with yourself as a leader.

And these free resources? They don’t just scratch the surface. Here, we go deep, quickly. No faffing about with another one-size-fits-all workbook.

These freebies are super-actionable and insightful, just waiting for you to put them
into practice in your real life.

Let’s dive in.

Video Workshop:
How to Be Inconvenient

In this video training, you’ll learn: how people-pleasing is a form of hustle culture and how to tell the difference between your purpose and others peoples’ agenda. (Plus much more!)

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Everyone Needs a Mission Statement

Whether you have a business, an organization—or you’re just a values-driven human—you need
a mission statement. This free guide will help you craft yours today.

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You’re Allowed to
Want Things

Have you ever known you wanted more—but it felt impossible to ask for it? This is the workbook for you. Discover what you want and how to start giving yourself a little bit more of that.

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