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Episode 62—What it’s really like to put yourself out there


About the show

I talk about experiments and experimentation a lot in my work. It’s a cornerstone of my course, The Art of Self-Advocacy, and it’s a huge part of my personal practice of self-care and self-advocacy. It all starts with a question of, “What would happen if…?”

In early 2021, I had an experiment in mind. What would happen if I really put myself out there with regards to my writing practice. What would happen if I pitched myself without fear? How could I shift things if I chose to treat myself as a leader whose words could serve and uplift others? And what if I treated myself as someone who had something to say and whose words mattered?

In this episode of the podcast, I’m pulling back the curtain and exploring what it really feels like to put yourself out there. Not a little bit, but a lot. I’m not talking about fearless. Instead, I’m talking about feeling the fear and going for it anyway. And I’m not talking about not caring about rejection. I’m talking about what rejection can teach us and how it can point the way for where we could go further. (Instead of letting it stop us in our tracks.)

Listen here for all my lessons and takeaways, and advice on how you can create a useful experiment for yourself.

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