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Vanessa Mentor on Anti-Capitalist Self-Care and Living Unrestrained—Tending Your Life Podcast

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I’m so delighted to welcome Vanessa Mentor to the show today! Vanessa and I originally connected via Instagram. Then she invited me to be a part of her free series, Tending (perfect, right?). And now I’m so excited to have her on the podcast.

Vanessa and I share an affinity for looking at self-care through an anti-capitalist lens, which was the perfect jumping off point. But Vanessa and I have very different backgrounds: she was born in Haiti, and talks openly about the effects of colonialism on her sense of self and self-worth. She talks about growing up in a patriarchal family—and how that led to her mission to help women live unrestrained.

I can’t wait for you to hear the whole thing.

Vanessa Mentor is a Self-Care Educator and Coach who connects the dots between our individual self-care  and the care of the world so we can take actions that heal and restore both. Her clients are working moms/women who’ve been burned out before and don’t wan to go there but are torn between taking care of their needs and caring for their family’s needs.

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