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Episode 51—Less But Better—Tending Your Life

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This episode tackles one of my favorite concepts: the idea of doing less, but doing it better. This idea could relate to any area of our lives: from our work to our relationships to our closet. This is the foundation for one of my favorite concepts: Sacred Focus.

The idea of Sacred Focus came to me several years ago when I was really scattered—overwhelmed, spread thin. And while I was not necessarily burned out yet, I was so overwhelmed that I could feel the burnout coming. I could feel it sneaking up on me.

When I sat down in that moment to really think about how I wanted to show up for my life, I uncovered this phrase, Sacred Focus and it really summarized how I wanted to feel.

I wanted to feel focused, productive, and really able to bring a lot of big visions that I had to life. But I also wanted to do it in a reverent way that acknowledged my spiritual approach to the things that are meaningful to me in my life.

And so this phrase, Sacred Focus was born.


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