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Episode 50: L’Erin Alta on Intuition and Power in Difficult Times—Tending Your Life Podcast

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I cannot wait for you to hear this conversation. L’Erin lays out so much deep wisdom in this episode. I took so many notes—putting stars next to things and circling others—because I felt, in the best way, like I was back in school.

In this episode, we talk about intuition and power; being an empathic person; boundaries and trauma; and so much more. We talk about how empaths are made (not necessarily born)—and how to care for (and perhaps reparent) yourself as an empath.

We talk about accessing your personal power in difficult times. And we talk about intuition as something anticapitalist. Plus, we dive into how to tell the difference between the voice of your intuition and the voice of your fear.

About L’Erin

L’Erin Alta is a powerful medicine woman + mystic living in full devotion of her spiritual calling. She has over 20-years of experience teaching classes, workshops and leading retreats that help people align their selves with their souls so that they can live their true purpose and share their spiritual gifts with the world.

A world traveler with 24 countries under her belt, L’Erin has worked with medicine men + women, spiritual teachers, mystics, gurus and guides from a diversity of spiritual paths + practices.

As the host of the “Black Girl Mystic” podcast, L’Erin talks with Black Girl Mystic highlights Black women + femme healers, spiritual teachers + modern day mystics who are changing the world by living their soul’s calling.

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