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Episode 49—We are Cyclical Beings—Tending Your Life Podcast

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In this episode, I’m talking about cycles. And specifically, how we can choose to respect our nature as the cyclical beings we are? In this episode, I’m breaking down how I’m doing this in my own life. And at the end, I ask you to consider how you might approach this in your unique situation.

If things feel a little flat in your world at the moment, or if you’re going through a difficult time, this one is for you. It’s a gentle reminder that nothing blooms all year; we are all cyclical beings.

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  • Free Intuition Meditation 


Consider how you could allow for more respect for the cyclical nature of your life. Would it be possible to make your weekends totally work free? Could you do a better job of turning off notifications at night?

How could you allow for the full expression of yourself as a cyclical being to come into the world a little bit more? Or put a different way: How could you simply bring some awareness and mindfulness to the ways in which you are a cyclical being—so that perhaps you can allow in some of this grace, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself?

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