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Episode 46: Olwen Wilson on Visual Journaling—Tending Your Life Podcast

About the show

I’m so excited to welcome Olwen Wilson to the show, and to share this conversation with you.

Olwen Wilson is a healer & creative facilitator who helps people who are drawn to making visual art but they don’t feel like they have enough talent or time. She helps them figure out how to make it a part of a regular practice in a way that helps them clear their mind (even for a moment), get better at making decisions and take action.

Having taught self-care practices for over a decade, Olwen’s practiced everything from yoga to energy healing, drumming to meditation. But the one she keeps coming back to the most is visual journaling. It helped her learn to trust herself again after suddenly getting diagnosed with a chronic illness so that she could stop wasting time waiting and worrying about what other people think and go after what’s important in life.

In this conversation, we talk about the importance of play and rest; her journey with rheumatoid arthritis; and the power of visual journaling. This was an awesome conversation that I’m beyond excited for you to hear.

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