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Episode 45: How to Listen with Respect + Trust—Tending Your Life Podcast

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Today’s episode is all about listening—what listening well looks like and how to listen better. Like anything else, listening is something that becomes a practice over time. And while it’s technically free, it requires patience and dedication like any other practice. 

And to whom are we listening? Hopefully ourselves. Hopefully to the people who matter to us most. In a culture where our time and attention is our most precious resource, listening carefully and closely is the biggest gift we can give the people in our lives.

When we choose to offer our attention to the people in our lives, we are really giving them the greatest gift, the most valuable thing we have: our energy. 

If you are struggling to listen to yourself, or if you want to be a better listener: to your family, to your friends, to your kids… this episode is for you.

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