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Episode 41—Developing a Courage Practice

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Too many of us don’t have a courage practice.

 We aren’t cultivating courage on a regular basis. We are reckoning with or encountering discomfort or some sort of barrier, but we’re not putting ourselves in a mindset of courage so that we can go and transform what needs changing.

Without a practice of courage without cultivating courage on an intentionally regular basis, our self-knowledge stays theoretical. While I believe in self-knowledge, what matters is what we do with it. What matters is how we translate that into impact in our lives. 

Without that courage practice, our knowing stays in our heads. We don’t have the difficult conversations or set the boundaries that we need to; we don’t make it real in our lives. So this episode is about about the courage to make knowledge something tangible, to see it clearly, and to let it transform us.

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