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Episode 40—Self-Knowledge, Self-Care, Self-Advocacy

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How do you get to know yourself? Especially when you are finding ourselves in a new phase of life—whether you’re an empty nester or you’re just going away to college yourself, whether you’re a transitioning in your job in your family roles—knowing yourself is a critical piece of showing up in the world.

When we hit these transition points, it can be a shock to our system because we can lose or become distant from our orientation to ourselves. So when I talk about knowing myself, I’m talking about knowing what I hold sacred; knowing what my values are; knowing who I am in relationship to the people I love in my life… and beyond.

So if you aren’t sure about yourself in any area of your life, it can be a little bit of a lonely and scary experience. What I know for myself is that the benefits of knowing myself really well are ever unfolding.

Listen in to this episode to learn how to know yourself in any situation, even if you’re in flux.

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