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Episode 39—Unraveling Urgency

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In my experience, having worked with thousands of students and clients and change makers and activists and creatives over the years, urgency is often such a barrier to our self care. It’s one of the things that can really derail us when it comes to maintaining a self care practice, and setting aside that time, energy, and space for self care.

Because it has this capacity to derail our self-care in this way, I see that it is often one of the leading causes of overwhelm and burnout because when we can’t get ourselves out of a seemingly endless cycle of, of urgency, dealing with tasks all the time that we see as incredibly urgent, then we can’t.

When we can’t break ourselves of that habit, then our self-care gets neglected in a chronic way. So in today’s episode, I’m going to be talking all about how we unwind ourselves and untether ourselves from what feels like a constant sense of urgency these days.

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