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Episode 37—Imperfection is Awesome

About the show

We all know that perfectionism is the enemy of liberation.

Which means that imperfection is our ally in liberation. Which is awesome!

In this episode, I’m talking about embracing imperfection and the awesome impact that imperfection might have on our lives. Once we set down perfectionism, what could we choose instead? What are the things that we’re able to access in the context of imperfection that perfectionism could never give us?

What I want you to take away from this is, is really that we do not live in a binary of perfection and imperfection. (We’re never going to reach that perfection! It’s not an option!) If we’re never ever going to get to perfection, then we become free of its hold on us.

It means that we all exist somewhere on this spectrum of imperfection. Finding our place on that spectrum is pretty amazing.

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