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Episodes 23 + 24: Burnout Double Episode

About the show

This week, we’re talking burnout. How to heal it and how to avoid it. That’s right, I’ve got a double episode for you! 

In part one, I’m breaking down my step-by-step process to undo burnout (if it’s already happened)—and the tools to have on hand the next time you find yourself burned out. I’ll teach you to spot the early warning signs of burnout, and share my personal approach to stopping burnout. Burnout isn’t your fault, and there is a way out. Let me show you.

In part two, I break down my strategy to avoid burnout, spiritual bypass, and cynicism—so you can stay engaged. This episode is all about avoiding the pitfalls of long-term practice, whether spiritual or political. The best way to heal burnout is not to get burned out in the first place. But when things feel dark, how do we avoid burnout and keep our hope, creativity, and well-being vibrant? I’m breaking it all down.

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Your homework this week is to take one step to heal and one step to avoid burnout. Use any of the tips I’ve used in these episodes (as well as the free download) to take one tiny, baby step to heal and avoid burnout in a way that works for you individually.

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