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Episode 20: Self-Care Beyond Capitalism

About the show

I often say that true self-care is an anti-capitalist practice.

Through self-care we are reclaiming our sovereignty: owning ourselves and creating freedom from coercive or oppressive forces that try to profit from our unwellness, and our feelings of not being enough as we are.

Self-care turns that narrative on its head: it’s not about buying stuff to make ourselves feel better; it’s about building our power.

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Write a letter to a political prisoner! Use the guide linked above to write a letter to a political prisoner whose story inspires or moves you. Especially at this time of year, prison can feel incredibly isolating. Simply letting folks know that we on the outside haven’t forgotten about them and their sacrifices means a lot. If you have the means, consider sending one of them a book from their wishlist (many prisoners have one). Please read the instructions for sending mail and books thoroughly before you send your letter.

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