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Episode 18—Saying No is Self-Care

About the show

Most of the time, self-care isn’t about doing more. It’s actually about doing less—and that involves saying no. A lot. If you’re uncomfortable saying no, disappointing people, or drawing boundaries, this is the episode for you.

Inside this episode, I’ll offer concrete ways to make saying no easier, clearer, and less awkward. And once you practice? It’ll become easier; you’ll worry less what others think; and you’ll claim the spaciousness that comes from saying no more often.

Plus, get my free workbook, 5 scripts to say no (without feeling like a jerkface)

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Cross something non-essential off your to-do list. Turn down an invitation. Simply say no to that voice that tells you you’re not doing enough. Find a way to scale down, in some area of your life, so that you might create more space.

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