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Episode 17—Intuition is a Feminist Issue

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In this week’s episode, we’re talking about intuition. More specifically, we’re talking about the ways that intuition is gendered and delegitimized—and how we can (collectively, regardless of our gender) reclaim our intuition and fight the patriarchy at the same time. When intuition is dismissed, it’s another way that we’re taught not to trust ourselves. Trusting ourselves, our knowledge, and our intuition is a feminist issue—and stands to benefit people of all genders.

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Intuition: “The ability to gain wisdom or a direct perception of truth, independent of proof, and without understanding how this knowledge was obtained.” —Christy’s definition


Next time you’re faced with a decision, write down what you already know to be true. What does your body say? What does your breath say? What knowing or pieces of information already live inside you?

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