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Episode 15: The Art of Self-Advocacy

About the show

What happens when your self-care practice stops working? What happens when self-care just isn’t enough anymore?

In this episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my early parenthood days and how I had to evolve my self-care into something bolder: self-advocacy. It’s easy to advocate for others; advocating for ourselves is the advanced work.

It’s embarrassing for a self-care mentor to feel like she’s failing at self-care. But what came out of this time in my life was an incredible lesson about the ways that we need to bring some of our fierce side into our tender moments. This is what makes self-advocacy such a powerful combination of compassion and courage.

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Self-Advocacy: boldly declaring what we need and taking action on our own behalf that aligns with those needs so that we can feel whole, well, and authentically ourselves.


Ask someone for help. It could be small or large, but if you are craving support of some kind, tell someone. Even if it feels uncomfortable, say “Hey! I could use some support. Could we jump on the phone?” or state the kind of support you’re looking for. Or maybe it’s that project you’ve been putting off because you don’t have the knowledge to get started.

No matter what it is: ask for help.

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