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Episode 13: Ten Tips for Activists

About the show

This episode wasn’t on my original list for Season One. But I couldn’t help it.

Once I had the brain-flash of doing an episode just for new or aspiring activists, I couldn’t get it out of my head until I had gotten it recorded. This is for you. If you’re a new activist or part of a new group. If you’ve been away from activism for a while. If you’re an old-timer who trains new activists or helps to skill up the movement.

This is really for all of us.

And what’s important to note is that this isn’t definitive. Ask 100 seasoned activists and they’d come up with 100 different lists. Ask me in a year, and my list would be slightly different. This list of ten tips reflects the best of my knowledge in this moment. In this season.

And I hope that it serves you. Download the free guide, Top 10 Tips for New Activists!

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Consensus Process: a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group. Instead of simply voting for an item and having the majority of the group getting their way, a group using consensus is committed to finding solutions that everyone actively supports, or at least can live with.


Download the free guide, and even if you’re an experienced activists, commit to applying one of these steps to your life and work. Then tell me about it over on Instagram!

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