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Episode 12: Evolving Your Legacy

About the show

In this episode, I’m talking about the tough and sometimes uncomfortable work of evolving your legacy. There are lots of ways we can approach this.

In my own life, it’s meant getting sober. And it’s meant interrogating my whiteness and settler-colonial background. This is ongoing work, and each of our work is individual. Certainly, my son has been a catalyst for this work, in many ways.

But I’d like to think that I’d be on this path regardless. I’m personally curious about what it takes—even if you don’t have children—to decide to know better and do better than past generations. And what it takes to fight for the future, especially when it means not just taking positive action moving forward, but undoing the harm of our ancestors.

How do we evolve our legacies in order to become the ancestors that future generations deserve?

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