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Episode 11: Let it Go

About the show

This episode came from a question I received on Instagram, and is something I’m asked all the time:

How do we let go of our work at the end of the day?

When we do work that we care about, that has deep, personal meaning to us, it can be difficult to put separation between ourselves and our work. But this lack of separation means that our work can seep into every area of our lives. It can take over.

And when we don’t know where we end and our work begins, it takes a toll.

In this episode, I’m offering practical advice on how to start creating healthy separation between us and the work that is such a huge part of our lives. (At it’s heart, this advice is really about deciding that we ourselves are enough, as we are.)

It’s about deciding that it’s safe for us to let it go.

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Dedication of Merit: Many forms of Buddhist practice conclude with dedicating the benefit of our practice to relieving the suffering of sentient beings and helping them awaken.

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