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Episode 09: I See You—Making Gratitude Real

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In my experience there are three key ingredients that keep us from flaming out: gratitude, connection, and and dignity. The problem that we’re up against is that we cannot always source these from within ourselves.

There’s only so much personal development work, spiritual development, or individual evolution that’s possible when we’re experiencing systemic or institutional oppression. When were living under systems of oppression, or if we’re trying to operate in our work in conditions that undermine our humanity, then we need to start changing those systems.

[FYI: if you’re in a position of leadership, this is what you have to start changing in yourself and in your organizations in order to create sustainability in your organizations and in the people you lead.]

Today, we’re going to focus on gratitude, but I promise we’ll get back to the other two pieces in future episodes.

So why am I starting with gratitude? Personally, this is the one practice that is closest to my heart, since I had a gratitude practice before I had any other type of spiritual practice.

I started practicing gratitude as a teenager before I even had a meditation practice—long before I took my first yoga class. It really is this living thing within my life that I rely on every single day and for me it creates these moment by moment transformations. It reframes things in an instant in this way that I find very powerful.

I hope you love this week’s episode!

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How are you going to show gratitude?  This can be to yourself or to a loved one—or to someone you take for granted to someone you haven’t told.

Begin incorporating some of these qualities of being specific, being a little bit vulnerable, and putting some context around it so that it feels meaningful to that person. You want your gratitude to truly honor the other person’s humanity, and their dignity. So how you show depends on the person. 

For your assignment this week, commit to showing gratitude to someone in your life.


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