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Episode 08: Feedback Is A Gift

About the show

This episode stems from (really) every single decent leadership training I’ve ever done. This has been my biggest takeaway from all of my training: that feedback is a huge gift.

The thing that each of those trainings has had in common is that they included some form of feedback built into the program. Each has placed a really high premium on feedback.

As I continue to develop and refine my leadership and as I start to mentor more folks in their leadership, I have grown to understand what a truly essential piece feedback is for our growth in any pursuit.

It’s an essential part of how we grow as leaders, how we develop ourselves, and how we make the impact that we want to make in the world.

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Talk to someone you love and respect and ask: How can I do better? It gives you a chance to get some valuable feedback and input, but it’s also a gift to the other person, giving them space and acknowledgment to get their needs met.

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