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Episode 07: Perfectionism is the Enemy of Liberation

About the show

I grew up a serious people-pleaser.

Today we are talking about perfectionism as an enemy of liberation. As many of you know, I am an activist and I’ve been an activist since I was a teenager. I look at liberation both from a political perspective, but also from a spiritual perspective. In both realms, for me, liberation is the aim. Whether politically or spiritually, my goal is to become more free.

In the personal development world, we have talked about perfectionism a lot,  as something to overcome or as something to squash. What we don’t talk about enough is why we’re trying to shed this perfectionism—and it’s not just to make our own lives easier and more pleasant.

Although certainly less perfectionism means more joy and and a more delightful life, there’s more to it than that. In my mind the real problem with perfectionism is that it keeps us from being free both individually and collectively. In this episode, we’ll dive into perfectionism and how we can get it to loosen its grip.

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