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Episode 06: Pain as a Path to Awakening

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I’m really excited to talk a little bit more about my own healing journey today. But I’m also excited to talk about the way that chronic pain or illness or grief or loss any big upheaval in life can really be a path to wisdom and to awakening.

I will be talking about this through the lens of my own experience and my own life working through the healing in my body and in my life that I’ve been doing and have been doing for close to 20 years now. But this could really go for any big transition that you’re going through. So you should feel free to substitute any big life stuff that you’re going through—any of that could apply here.

This could apply if you’re going through anything body-based: an injury, an illness, a surgery—in my case, birth was one of these for me. But any of these big transitions could apply here as something that doesn’t just exist in our lives as as something to get through, but really as an asset on our path to wisdom.

By going through these difficult times and transitions, we can use those experiences to develop greater self care, self-compassion, and, ultimately, spiritual awakening.

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