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Episode 05: A Million Ways to Heal

About the show

This episode came out of my long history of frustration with seeing healing that looks really one-dimensional and has a very narrow definition that we’re expected to adhere to when it comes to healing. So I want to dig into the realities and variations of healing; how it works and what it looks like in practice.

This episode also comes really from my personal experience working with scoliosis and mental health issues. My own personal healing journey has been a little bit unconventional, very nonlinear. And I’ve struggled with with others’ perceptions of my healing journey. I’m also talking about this because I know that when I open up about my own personal experience of things being kind of messy on my healing journey, whether it’s chronic pain, whether it’s depression, whether it’s my decision to get sober, that’s where magic happens.

I’m invited into others stories and it’s really an honor but it also means that I’m privy to a lot of the myths about healing and well-being that are holding a lot of us back. A lot of people I’ve heard from our are really grateful when I talk about this sort of complicated messy, imperfect healing journey that I’m on.

So I’m here to tell you that healing does not look just one way. There are infinite variations on healing. Have a listen:

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