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Tending Your Life Episode 04 Part 1: Bigger Container, Better Boundaries

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Welcome to Part One of Episode 04—Bigger Container, Better Boundaries. Listen to Part Two here.

The first part of this episode is all about becoming larger and more expansive. In order to hold all of our parts in order to hold all of our complexity at once and in order to become a more suitable home for ourselves.

When I became a mom, I had to make room also for myself within my new identity and within my new reality. Doing the work of integrating that new identity for myself while also holding space for an entirely new human being was something I’d never experienced before and was very intense. But I don’t think that this is unique to parenting, and I don’t think it’s something we talk enough about:

How do we make space for our whole, messy selves in the middle of transition?
How do we welcome all of our identities to the table?

Becoming a mom is how I personally woke up to this experience, but this could go for any major life transition you’ve been thrust into. How do we integrate a new identity for ourselves while caring for others. This goes for those of us who do activist work for those of us or who care for aging parents. It goes for those of us who have small children and it applies to those of us who have clients who are counting on us were often.

Holding all of our parts is actually essential to holding space for others. Don’t deprive the people around you of your complexity, even if it feels hard to hold.

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