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Episode 03: Boring Self-Care + Ending Avoidance

About the show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about dissolving our avoidance; “boring” self-care; reframing things we can’t avoid; and the devotional practice of our everyday, not-so-pretty work.

This tackles one of my most frequently asked questions from inside my courses. It sounds something like, “This all sounds great, but there are things in my life that [for whatever reason] I can’t avoid.” There are always going to be things in life we can’t avoid. The key is how to dissolve the ways we still cling to aversion.

We do this by telling ourselves the truth, reframing the things we can’t avoid, and digging into some boring (but effective!) self-care. It’s not Instagram-worthy, but these are the things that make a tangible difference in the way we feel day-to-day.

In the Episode: 5 Steps to Stop Avoidance

  • Tell yourself the truth about what you’re avoiding—and that you’re avoiding
  • Remind yourself of your power and your ability to do hard things
  • Resist the urge to numb yourself or run away
  • Make a list of what you’re avoiding and take baby steps to deal with them
  • Celebrate!

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