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Interested in joining the team? I’ll send you all the details when you sign up below!

Interested in joining the team?
I’ll send you the details as soon as you sign up below and we can connect one-on-one to answer your questions.

About Christy

I’m an anarchist, a Buddhist, and a mama bear to one small human and a couple of feral cats.

I’m an activist, teacher, and writer. I’m a self-care mentor for rebellious humans: the ones who color outside the lines and dare to make change in the world.

I’ve been using doTERRA oils in my home and self-care practice since 2013. I’m proud to be integrating oils education into my work, and to be teaching and sharing the finest oils on the planet.

It’s my mission to help you decide whether you want to bring these oils into your home. Have questions? Email me at

Essential Oils for Yoga and Meditation

Essential Oils for Sleep (that aren’t lavender)

27 ways I’m using essential oils in my self-care, my home and my life

Become a Better Advocate for Yourself.