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Coming from ELJ Editions February 2024

High Priestess of the Apocalypse:

a memoir of disobedience

High Priestess of the Apocalypse is a lyrical exploration of disobedience, grief, and healing (often simultaneously). This is a memoir that reckons with climate grief, the impulse to fight for what we love, and how to turn dread into action. It examines, with intimacy and tenderness, the future of our planet and the humanity that informs the longing for a better world. Part memoir, part direct action primer, part love letter to the new world we’re collectively fighting to create.

Christy Tending came to activism through a love of the natural world and was radicalized through heartbreak at the ecological devastation and human rights abuses she has witnessed firsthand. This book traces her love of the natural world in a childhood spent riding horses through the forests of rural Maryland and her path to becoming a climate justice direct action coordinator and educator in the face of an increasingly urgent crisis. With humor and hope, Tending explores the realities of taking bold and radical action on behalf of the planet, and how activism can collide and converse with parenting, sobriety, ecology, disability, mental illness, and transgressive joy.

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*Second Edition* Coming Spring 2023!

Tending Your Life

E-Book + Practice Journal



A detailed, step-by-step, practice-by-practice guide to experiment with new self-care practices and to reflect on the impact of the care you're offering yourself. Create and nourish your self-care like a garden with this sweet, creative, robust e-book (part guide, part journal) and audiobook and start creating your self-care practice.

If you want to create self-care from the ground up, or if you're looking to spice up your stagnant self-care, this is for you.

What You Get:

* A digital copy of the book, Tending Your Life, as a pdf.
* The audiobook (read by Christy), so you can listen on the go.
* Alongside Christy’s written work, you’ll find journaling prompts, invitations for visual art, and breathing space to cultivate something new.

Inside You'll Create:

* Expanded ideas of what self-care means to you, and how to apply it to everyday life.
* Practices grand and small to bring informed self-care into your interactions, commitments, and experiences.
* A meaningful cycle of learning, ritual, and reflection so you can continue to grow and evolve your self-care.
* The opportunity to integrate and digest the experiences that have made you who you are.
* Clear, self-directed knowing on how you want to move forward into a life that is well-tended.
* Access to simple, potent self-care without the need to buy more stuff or be anyone but who you are.

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