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The Best Yoga Pants Ever. (And they’re organic!)

Finding the Best Yoga Pants Ever.

One of my favorite things about getting older is that, at this point, I’ve tried pretty much everything. I don’t need to hunt around for the latest or trendiest thing. I just want the one thing in each category that really, truly works for me. And more than anything, I wanted to find the best yoga pants ever. (FYI: I’ve rounded up all my favorite resources here.)

As someone who taught yoga for many years, still has an active practice, and teaches meditation, I’ve tried basically all the yoga pants that exist. The expensive ones. The really cheap ones. Sadly,  I’ve also tried the ones that are probably killing the planet.

You name it, I’ve tried it. And I’ve always been on the lookout for the yoga pants that would let me stop shopping around.

The Switch to Organic.

A few years ago, I worked on a campaign for an environmental and human rights non-profit working to stop deforestation and the devastating impacts of the fashion industry on the environment and human rights.

In my research, I came across Hyde: a small, woman-founded and owned company, based in the Bay Area, making organic cotton yoga clothing, with all their manufacturing in the US. As someone who has looked at the apparel and fashion industry from every angle, I have to tell you:

This is rare.

So, I was skeptical. How great could the clothes actually be?

It turns out? They’re pretty great.

They are incredibly soft, durable (I’m honestly doing more chasing my kid around than yoga these days), and comfortable. They come in cute colors, and they are made ethically. Plus, the women who run this company are a delight.

So what are the best yoga pants ever? My favorites are the Laurel Legging. These are super high-rise, which I love and plenty long so I can hook the hem over my heels on cool mornings. I have bought probably 5 pairs (a couple of which I demolished after two or three years) and wear them all the time.

I know that “best yoga pants ever” is subjective, but in all my years of practice and study (and testing!), these are the clear winner for me.

FYI: I also love the Kelly crop. And the Paradise tights are so cute.

Take 10% off your order at HYDE with the code: CHRISTY10.

I get a small commission, you don’t pay an extra cent, and together we are supporting the future: the planet, the humans who live on it, and the people who make, quite honestly, the best yoga pants ever.

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