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Beat New Year’s Eve FOMO

For years, I found New Year’s Eve to be kind of a bummer. It was either expensive or disappointing or not my scene or too something. I think it’s a holiday that does little but set up false expectations and ugly comparison.

FOMO sucks.

We’re taught that unless we’re doing the coolest thing, that somehow we’re missing out. I couldn’t disagree more. Whether you’re going to be with friends, or throwing a party for one, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to beat New Year’s Eve FOMO, and care deeply for yourself at the same time.

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Get into nature

Whether you go for a hike, or go camping in the desert, nature is a fabulous antidote to hectic parties.

I find it grounding and much more harmonious than the usual options. In fact, for two New Year’s Eves, I did go camping in the desert. It was cold, but fabulous. There was barely another soul around.

For the last couple of years, my husband and I have gone for a long hike on New Year’s Day. It’s a sweet way to reset – and set the tone for the year. Plus, we’re morning people. Nothing like having the trail to yourself at 9am on the first day of the year.

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Keep your resolutions kind and realistic

Cut it out with the resolutions that are mean. Looking after your health or growing as a person are great. But if you’re making resolutions to shame yourself, try compassion instead.

This can be an emotional time of year, no doubt. Take this chance to infuse your plans with the coming year with kindness, clarity, and, dare I say, fun. Setting this intention at the outset improves your chances.

Set yourself up for success. Choose resolutions (if you’re going to have any) that are realistic, so that you’re not just delaying the guilt. “Feeling bad” is no way to spend 2016.

Create a ritual

Craving a bit of centering and grounding? Try creating a ritual for the new year. Take a little quiet time to journal, to light a candle and meditate – whatever it is that speaks to your heart.

I like to draw tarot cards. I like to spend time imagining where I’ll be at the end of the following year. I practice a little restorative yoga. I simply aim to set the tone for the year that I want – with a sense of curiosity.

Your ritual could be anything that feels meaningful to you: making a special recipe or burning something symbolic to cleanse the space in your home. Find whatever that ritual is.

Let it dissolve whatever you do not wish to carry from this year to next. Let it light your way forward.

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Spring cleaning in winter

While many people wait until spring, I actually find winter to be the perfect clean-out time. I like to deep-clean the house and start shedding extraneous belongings.

It’s not terribly romantic, I know. We’re supposed to be out, partying and whatnot. But I thoroughly enjoy turning on music, and in the darkest days of the year, cleansing out what isn’t serving me.

Also: this is the time of year many of the neediest people could use that coat you find you no longer need.

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